Porcelain Trousers

So I started by firing up the kiln and……..Before your mind starts to wonder off about pottery making, my version of porcelain trousers is still made out of fabric. No clay involved and certainly no images of me smearing my legs with clay to get the trousers, although I can file this idea for the future.

As usual, I went to Liberty to have a look at their fabrics on sale but did not find any that I like. As I was leaving, empty handed and disappointed, I turned right to the fabric shelves and saw the latest season of fabric and one that was just blue and white, almost like porcelain. Needless to say, I snapped it up immediately with the little money I had left and left a happy man.

It wasn’t a few weeks later that I finally got time to make my trousers. This was quite an easy print to work with as the prints can be matched easily left to right. Being a short man myself, I only needed one metre of this fabric so being able to match the prints perfectly was a lifesaver. The result was, thankfully, really beautiful. Elegant in someways.

I wore my blue shirt to go with this trousers but have also worn it with just a simple white T and a jeans shirt.

And just in case you were wondering about the picture above, it was taken at the British Museum by my friend Kim Law. Shows you that having someone take a picture for you is way better than a camera on a tripod outside my flat near to some bins.


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  2. Stephen, Do you know the manufacturer of this fabric, pattern name or color? I am working on a project as a interior designer and this would be perfect! Thank you

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