Going Japanese!

I have to admit that I am going through my Japanese phase. It all started from a Kimono I bought last year. Now I have 4 hanging on the wall with another one being shipped from Japan as we speak. In addition to that, I have been collecting a lot of vintage Kimono fabric (fabric from a Kimono that has been taken apart).

I bought this fabric quite a while ago but thought it was silver in colour but when I got it, I noticed that it was a gold/peachy colour. Thinking that it was too feminine, I stored it in my luggage. Recently I took it out again and with a new T-shirt pattern that I just made and a pink chiffon fabric that I found in the remanent basket, I decided to make a part sheer T-shirt.

I’m sure we get those time when we start doubting ourselves. That was exactly what I was going through when I was sewing up this T-shirt. I kept wondering if it was too pink, too feminine, too much. I also thought of giving it to my sister instead. But when I finished sewing this T-shirt, I instantly fell in love with it (sorry sis!). The gold from the Kimono fabric made it look like fish scales glistening in the sunshine and the sheer chiffon kept me cool through the day.

Needless to say, I wore it immediately the next day with a Liberty print shorts that I made last year. The effect was as others would say, a very summery Japanese look.

This has made me more determined to find more Kimono fabric and I am eyeing a few pieces as we speak. But the problem is the shipping duration which takes a few weeks. I am usually very patient but when it comes to beautiful fabrics, I can’t help but pace anxiously for them to arrive.


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