The Embroidered Shorts

I always come up with this magnificent plan of making stuff but later find it too complicated and busy. This shorts is one of them. The idea was to attach bird motives cut out from my previous Liberty fabric and adorn them on the shorts I was making. After spending ages cutting the motives out, I realised that it was just a bit too much and spoilt the aesthetic of the shorts.

I decided to tone down the idea to include a few birds but at the end, I only opted for on owl. But instead of just a plain boring owl sitting on the fabric, I decided to try my hands on goldwork. With some materials left over from my goldwork course I did at Hand and Lock, I began stitching on the gold thread.


And this I did for an hour or so without any thought. I just followed where the thread wanted to go. And the result was quite cool especially since this was my first real attempt at goldwork.


All I had to do later on was to sew up the shorts and the result is a very comfortable and unique pair of shorts for summer (if it ever arrives).


Perhaps if I have more time in the future, I can practise my goldwork embroidery again and come up with something more grand and elegant. Until then, lets hope that there is a summer in UK this year.


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