My Interpretation of a Hawaiian Shirt

So, one of the trends I have been seeing in stores and on men recently was the resurgence of the Hawaiian shirt. As interesting and vivid as they are, I loath them! The colours are always the same and the prints are very typical. Hence I thought why not a Hawaiian shirt using gorgeous Liberty Fabric.

In I went into my fabric luggage and pulled out this lovely cherry blossom print fabric which I have bought before.

I seldom made short sleeve shirts but the thought of uncomfortable long sleeves during summer made me consider it. I especially hate it when the rolled up sleeve is never where you want it to be and always obstructing the movement of my elbow.

I used long sleeve pattern that I used for my birdie print shirt but replicated the collar detail to the sleeve.

I think my interpretation of a Hawaiian shirt is more sophisticated but still with a healthy dose of fun.


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