Everything started when I could not find any clothes that fit me. With my background in Civil Engineering I thrive on technical details, so one day out of boredom I decided to apply my skills to make my own clothes. Not only was I creating my own designs but drafting my own patterns as well. Eventually, I made a huge career change and decided to study Innovative Pattern Cutting at Central Saint Martins. My goal has always been to enjoy wearing what I make and also convincing others to do the same.

I also have a keen interest in sustainability and where possible, I always choose to use remnants, donated or vintage fabrics. Buying new fabrics is a luxury and when I need to, I will only get enough for my project to reduce waste. Any new fabric chosen will also ideally need to be eco-friendly and made of sustainable natural fibres. Pattern cutting is essential when it comes to reducing waste but sewing is equally important to ensure that garments are made to last, like how they used to.

Along the way, I branched out from fashion and now dabble in accessory design, jewellery design (metal clay), pottery and all manner of arts and craft.It has always been my intention that these skills will eventually feed back into fashion, especially pattern cutting.

I continue to experiment and come up with new ways of pattern cutting while reinforcing my existing skills. Please feel free to ask me anything relating to pattern cutting. I cannot guarantee that I have the answers but coming up with a solution is part of the fun of pattern cutting. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide my own patterns as this is my intellectual property but if you wish to commission me to help draft a pattern, please do contact me.