I’m Back!

I’m back in the UK after a wonderful trip back home. Needless to say, my luggage was full of beautiful fabrics I bought from Thailand and Malaysia. Still suffering from a bit of jet-lag, I decided to focus on making a pair of trousers instead using this beautiful fabric I found in Bangkok.

Ever since I bought this fabric from a fabric shop in Chinatown Bangkok, I instantly knew that this fabric would work well as a trouser. Resembling an ‘Ikat’ fabric, the pattern on this fabric is actually woven. A few strands of thread frayed at the edges and it is actually made out of green thread in the weft and blue and yellow thread in the warp. The result is an illusion of this purple and copper colour.

Up close of the fabric shows the weave.

Life is so simple now that I have a trousers block that fits me perfectly. It took me a few drafts to achieve it but now I can have tailor made trousers to any type of fabric I can find.

I need to find an excuse to go out so I can wear this trousers. But then again, why make excuses when I can wear it now.


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