In-VEST-ing in Summer!

Summer has arrived… Malaysia! Yes. It’s the time of year again where I go back home to get a tan, get some exotic food and to spend some well deserved time with my family. To start the ball rolling for my trip back home, I decided to make vests to wear in the 32 C heat back home. I’m being a bit lazy this time round and have chosen to copy a basic vest pattern and adapted it to fit me.

Sewing a vest is really straight forward as you don’t need to sew in the sleeve. All you need is to measure the length of the armhole and neckline and minus 20% of the total length to create a band which you over-lock (while slightly stretching it) to the neckline and armhole. I created my first draft using a white cotton jersey and subsequently another vest with stripes.


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dye the white vest but got really lazy and decided to print a picture from my ‘Abomination’ bag (here) onto the vest instead.


Sewing the hem of the vests was really simple as well. So simple I totally forgot about it when making my T-shirts. All you need is to do a blind hem stitch using a zag zag on your sewing machine. It works very well for a T-shirts as the zig zag stitch allows the hem to be stretchy and flexible.

SY Vest1

The shot above shows me wearing the white vest with a shorts version of my porcelain trousers (here) while the shot below shows me wearing my bird print shorts (here) with the striped vest.

SY Vest2

I’m all set for the hot weather in Malaysia and hopefully a cracking summer in UK when I get back.


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