Spiral Trousers

So. You have seen the pattern and wondered how it has turned out? Well, it turned out pretty well actually. Been wearing it the whole day (hence the creases on the garment). Took me ages to sew this together. My initial plan of using a faux red leather material was edited out as the material was too stiff and made the trousers look uncomfortable. But lessons learnt, I finished sewing it and it looks better than I thought.

The elasticated waist and cuffs makes the trousers look more sporty and relaxed. I didn’t want to make it too formal.

Close up of the trousers showing the spiral and segments.

Lessons to learn for next time? Determine the location of the segments prior to splitting the pattern into a spiral and possibly using soft printed fabric mixed into solid colour fabric to highlight the spiral. Other than that, happy with the results (and my sewing).


About syvyaw

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