A Present To Myself!

A couple of weeks ago, I went down to London to search for some remnant fabrics. There wasn’t any that was  nice but while browsing the fabrics on the shelves, I saw this ivory colour sateen fabric and just a shelve below, this dark blue cotton drill with a sheen to the surface. Both of these colours worked so well I immediately fell in love with the fabrics and bought it on the spot. And there it lay in the suitcase of fabric until I decide what I want to create.

A week later, my friends invited me down to London to celebrate my birthday and since there was an occasion to dress up, I decided to make a shirt, slim fit trouser and a portfolio case as a present to myself. Here’s me modelling the look!

I played around with the details of the shirt and toyed around with the idea of a fold over section on the collar and cuff.

Back part of the collar
Front part of the collar
Cuff detail

For the portfolio case, I used a fake leather fabric but close up look like distressed PVC and also used the leftover fabric from my blue shirt to make the lining. I decided to put two zips on the top and side of the case just for the fun of it and it made it look different.

Plan view of the portfolio case
Zip detail
Blue lining peeping out of the case
I am quite happy with the results and even me happier as I made all of these in just a few days. Talk about rushing to get my look out of the door.

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Eat, sleep and think Fashion.

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  1. I like the collar and cuffs very much! You are very inventive.

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