Jumpsuit in Technicolour

 Remember the jumpsuit I made a few days ago (here)? Well, it has been upgraded from black to glorious colour. I bought a few pieces of African print fabric a while back and used one to make a winter jacket (remember this) and kept the other piece thinking I could make the same jacket in a different print but hesitated when I wondered what I was going to do with all this jackets.

I did think about using the fabric for a jumpsuit but was a bit worried that it might be a bit too garish. But then again, I am not one to be shy of prints so I took out the jumpsuit pattern that I just made previously and cut it out on this beautiful fabric. Which reminds me, I need to go back and get some more!

Well, the result was as expected. A burst of colour and for some an attack on the eyes!


I have worn it to work today and the colours pop out more in the sun. Sure there were people who just stared but it’s not like I am dressing for them. After all, fashion may be quick and vicious but if you don’t enjoy it you’ll never find the true beauty of it.


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