If Monet Wore Tracksuits!

Even if Claude Monet would wear it, I wouldn’t let him use it for athletic purposes! You must be confused. Let me explain.

It’s the Liberty sales and I got my hands on this lush printed jersey. I rarely see heavy jersey being sold by Liberty so I took this occasion to grab myself a metre or so for a future project. I just love the print and colour as it looked like an impressionist painting that Monet would paint.


Do you see what I mean now?

Anyway, I decided the best way to use this fabric was to make a sweater but why stop at that when I can add some elasticated shorts as well. After all, it is summer. But don’t get me wrong, having a tracksuit doesn’t mean that I’m going to the gym with it. Oh no! These babies are not getting a single bead of sweat on them!

So a couple of weeks passed after I bought this fabric and with a hectic work schedule and a shoulder dislocation (second time!), I finally muster some strength to make this tracksuit today.


It took me several attempt to dye the ribbing to match the colour scheme of the print. After the 5th attempt and blue hands, I finally achieved this minty colour. Strangely enough, the original colour was darker (I over did it) but the wrong side of the ribbing was the actual colour that I wanted. Talk about being lucky!


The cut of the sweater and shorts are both very loose as I wanted something less clingy. After all, with age comes the belly and having something loose does hide all multitudes of sins!

I am seeing a very interesting pattern emerging. My preference has now shifted from fitted clothes to loose and baggy ones. It takes a lot of effort to look good in fitted clothes but a looser fit is all the rage at the moment. And to top it off (purely coincidental) I bought some socks by ‘Ayame’ and the colour matched.

Oh dear! Matchy matchy!


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  1. I LOVE this. You are rockin’ too. The shorts were a good call.

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