Cropped Trousers

One thing lead to another and the result was this cropped trousers. I love it when coincidence does all the work for you.

It all started when I was wearing my wide leg cropped trousers. As I was sitting down, the front part of the hem folded and sat neatly on the side seam. This sheer coincidence became my basis for the details of this trousers. I’ve done a quick sketch to explain how it works.


I had this idea for a while now but what stopped me from making it was the right fabric. It’s funny how from the boxes and boxes of fabric I had, nothing seemed to match what was on mind. I finally found the perfect fabric in the clearance section in one of the fabric stores along Berwick Street. The indigo checked fabric somehow jumped out at me and I bought it there and then.

Working from a previous pattern, I used the original pattern as the trouser leg was wide enough for this experiment.


I did, however, add a pleats in the front trousers. I always thought pleats in trousers was a bit old-fashioned but it seems with age the detail seems more acceptable now.


Like a lot of my other project, this was a quick project. I bought the fabric on Wednesday, created the pattern on Wednesday night, cut and sewn the trousers on Thursday and wore it on Friday!

I find fast projects more interesting because I just make them without over-analysing every single process.  After all, trying to be too careful can sometime lead to procrastination.

Like how a certain brand would put it…. JUST DO IT!


About syvyaw

Eat, sleep and think Fashion.


  1. This is my kind of project, let the inspiration carry you through before life gets in the way. It looks great!

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