Sunburst Experimentation

I had this idea in my head for quite a while now but never got the time to realise it. I usually only take action when the idea manifest itself as a nagging thought inside my head. With such a level of annoyance, I ended up applying an idea just to get it out of my head! That said, I have a lot of ideas which also means that I am constantly annoyed!

So what has been annoying me lately? I mean, what ideas have I been realising lately? It all started from an image of a sunburst where the rays of sunlight descends from the heavens to grace an otherwise cloudy and gloomy landscape. Poetic!

I had always wanted to make a T-shirt/sweater with the geometric lines of the sunburst radiating radially around the neckline. This idea came to me about a year ago but I had always pondered on the best way to tackle this idea. As with pattern cutting, there is more than one way to achieve the same outcome.

It was only recently when I had the brilliant, but simple idea of using a Raglan sweater pattern I had. I could create a radial pattern with seams merging on the front, back and sleeve pattern to create one pattern. I quickly traced the pattern out and started to manipulate the seam and ended up with a very interesting, Aztec looking pattern.


I decided to go with a T-shirt at the end as I didn’t have enough fabric to play with (I decided to use mesh for a sportswear look).


We tend to create problems for ourselves and in this instance, the type of fabric and amount of corners made it extremely difficult to sew. But as a first prototype, the experimentation is a success!

That’s one idea out of my head! Oh wait! Another nagging thought has popped into my head! I need to remember to get this process down in my notebook!


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