Kimono Bomber Jacket

I love Kimonos! I love the history. I love the way it drapes on the body. I love how the fabric is always made out of the most exquisite silk. And most of all, I love how it comes in every print imaginable. If I could wear it every single day I would but everyone seems to be doing a variation of a Kimono nowadays and I don’t want to be part of a trend!

Cue a vintage bolt of silk Tsukesage (a type of Kimono) I bought on the internet on a whim.

photo 2-10

When the fabric finally arrived, I went to my wall of ‘post it’ ideas to see what I can make. This wall was a recent brainchild of mine where I would scribble my ideas on a piece of post it and stick it to an area next to my table. Once the garment has been realised, I would take the note down.

One of the idea was to make a bomber jacket using the Kimono fabric but with long train (so it looks like a Kimono from the back). So armed with a modified bomber jacket pattern, I spent the next few days trying to formulate a plan on how this garment should be stitched together. The plan went well and the end product was quite awesome.

photo 3-7

The print placement was extremely important when I was cutting the fabric as I wanted a concentration of print on one side an a flutter on the other side. I wanted it to look as if the leaves on the print naturally fell on the fabric.

photo 4-2

I decided that I liked the train tied up like in the old Japanese print of Japan where the women would have their hair tied loosely at the end.

As usual, I got a bit impatient and decided to wear this jacket the next day. Luckily the weather was extremely favourable so I went to the theatre to watch Kathleen Turner in Bakersfield Mist (AMAZING!) dressed in my finest silk.

photo 1-10

This is a very informal but unique look and I loved how the silk just flows in the wind. I know people have been casting glances at me but be it good or bad, I’m no show off. I just love experimenting with patterns, conceptualising them and ultimately wearing something unique that fits me well.


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  1. machinegunmama

    It’s absolutely amazing! I love how you combined the 2 concepts, very cool.

  2. Such a wonderful idea turning this into a menswear piece and it works beautifully. I love the inspiration behind it too.

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