The Birthday Dress

What do you give a little girl for her birthday?

‘Does your niece like pretty dresses?’ I asked my friend. ‘Yeh! She loves pretty dresses.’ ‘That settles it then, I’m making a dress for her birthday.’

Children grows up very quickly and before you know it, they are usually taller than you.  I am very aware of this fact and when I make something for a child,  I tend to make a garment which allow it to grow with the children.  So when making this dress, I incorporated  adjustment straps on the shoulder and around the waist which can be untied and readjusted to suit the child.


The straps are basically just an extension to the shoulder seam, cut long enough so they can be tied and adjusted when required.


The pattern of the dress is cut loose with a strap around the was it which can also be adjusted to suit the child.


As you can see, the print I went for was very cute and simple. Let’s hope that the birthday girl approve of this!


About syvyaw

Eat, sleep and think Fashion.

One comment

  1. machinegunmama

    The shoulder adjustment is adorable, so smart! I would think any birthday girl would be tickled pink 🙂

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