To Leather or Not to Leather?

With the bank holiday round the corner my friends convinced me to join them on a short break to Guernsey. It’s been a while since I went on a proper holiday so I snapped up this chance. As far as holiday attire goes, my wardrobe is spilling from all the new clothes I made in anticipation for summer. All I needed was a backpack that is big enough to carry my stuff around during our trip. I really like my trademark ‘Tombstone’ backpack so I decided to make a larger version of it.

I was certain that I wanted a black bag but was unsure of what material to use. I really like leather but my sewing machine has finally called it quits when I sew leather. Until it gets a proper service, leather will be one thing I will have to avoid for the time being. I decided to go for PVC leather instead; soft enough to sew, easy to handle and cheaper than leather, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with it.

So with a few alterations to the patterns, I set off in a frenzy to get this bag done as soon as possible. With the list of things I have to prepare for the trip and work to balance as well, time was not a luxury I can afford.


I really love this bag as it not only looks expensive but I managed to incorporate a lot of improvement from my previous bags. The gold double zip not only goes well with the black PVC  but it provides easier access when I am rummaging around my bag. The pouch in the front has also been made bigger to accommodate all the daily rubbish I carry to and from work. I’ve also padded the shoulder strap to make it more comfortable.

All I need left, is some sunshine on this trip, but if it rains, at least the bag is waterproof!


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