Silk Organza Sweater

Have a seat. Do you want a cup of tea? Ok! I like you to hear me out for a moment. I have this idea in my mind of a garment that changes when you layer it with something else. This may be the print or the colour but generally, something that blends in with whatever you are wearing. And it has to be something simple and comfortable but look expensive.

Cue, silk organza.

SHOCK! HORROR! DISDAIN! All calmed down? Take a seat again. It’s not what you think! Well, it may be all you think.

I’m willing to experiment and even if it fails, at least I know it doesn’t work or there may be grounds for improvement. So I went out yesterday and bought this blue/violet shot silk organza and after wrestling with my overlocker (I ended up spending a couple of hours fixing it), I made a sheer organza sweater.

OVERLOCKER? Yes, an overlocker and the results was actually quite pleasing to the eye.


The construction was very straightforward and it involved ribbing for the cuffs and hem, bias binding for the neckline and a zip on the shoulder to get in this garment. Simple!


Oooo! SEXY! Before you even go there, there is no way I am wearing this as it is. It would defeat the whole purpose of this experiment which was for this garment to blend in with other garments I would wear, e.g. a white shirt, a printed shirt, a coloured top or just a simple vest.

I’d always loved layering garments but the problem with layers is the heat it would generate during hot weather and the disappearance of the inside garment when something is worn over the top. So I thought that by creating something sheer, the features from the inside garment can come through but mix and create another entity with the garment worn on top. This could be the details of the garment popping through, the print showing, a mixture of colour or just an indication of what I am wearing underneath (without being risqué).


This is me being playful with an idea and letting it run. It sounds a bit simple but the possibilities are endless. I’m sure it’s been done before but I’ve hardly seen anyone wearing it. I am picturing something bright underneath, with the colours mixing with the blue from the sweater and perhaps a kimono over it and a nice pair of structural shaped pants?

So, are you sold on this idea?


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  1. I love that blue color – I’d probably do it without the ribbing, just a lightly gathered sleeve with a cuff and a straightforward hem on the bottom. I absolutely LOVE that zipper on the neckline!!

  2. OE

    i’m sold! I’m looking to purchase an organza sweater but needed styling ideas first, & these are spectacular.
    i’ve also started making my own clothes & love your idea of putting a zipper on a shoulder. My go to are buttons but i’ll try using zippers next time.


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