Tropical Fever

I recently had a minor accident caused when I dropped something heavy on my big toe. Luckily I didn’t break anything but the advice I got was to Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate! Resting in bed did help with the healing process but I am the type of guy that gets all fidgety when nothing is being done. So I thought what better way to distract myself from the pain than sewing! So with the injured foot in a bucket of cold water and the other on the sewing pedal, I attempted to make a T-shirt for this summer.

I saw this amazing ‘Tropical Parrot’ jersey fabric by Josef Otten on the internet and after many weeks of consideration, I finally got a few meters of this very loud printed jersey.


So as my toe was healing in a bath of cold water, my other foot was frantically controlling the overlocker. In a matter of an hour or more, this beauty was born.


I think I might get a few meters more of this fabric as it’s so easy to handle and the quality is amazing. And the great thing is my toe does not hurt that much anymore.

Less pain + New T-shirt = Happy Steve!


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