The Basic Tee

When it comes to making a T-shirt, my interest is usually next to zero. I just don’t appreciate the effort that goes into something that can be bought cheaply from the shop. The extortionate price of cotton jersey automatically switches on my Scrooge side while the construction of the neckband of the T-shirt leaves me wondering if it is a special ribbing or if it was just a strip of the same fabric.

I also just think that the effort that goes into making something must be worth it, either the pattern produces an amazing fit and/or materials that are absolutely luxurious. It also helps if what you are making cannot be found in the shops or not priced for mere mortals!

However, this time I managed to tick all the boxes when it comes to material and construction technique. Hidden deep in my luggage full of fabrics, I found a 100% silk jersey I bought nearly 2 years ago. I also found a link (here) that teaches you how to sew a T-shirt neckband using the same jersey material.

Armed with my pattern, material, knowledge and my over-locker, I undertook a task that actually took me just a couple of hours and the result is a really luxurious T-shirt. The materials skims the body well and shape seems to hide a multitude of sins.


This experiment was a success and if I can get my hand  on more silk jersey, I might make T-shirt sewing a regular thing. Imagine all the prints I can overlay on my self-made T-shirt! I’m so excited!


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