The Heels Blouse

My sis came to visit me a while back and one of her request was that I make her something to wear. She recalled me saying something about a ‘Manolo Blahnik high heel Liberty print’ a while back and that I was going to make something for her. And she was right. It totally slipped my mind until she reminded me of it.

This time, instead of making the usual dress, I decided to make for her a very nice shirt that she can wear with anything she wants to. It gives her more flexibility and also more variety to her wardrobe. But instead of a normal printed shirt, I panelled out the bell sleeve and inserted a sheer silk georgette instead.


I really like the sleeves and next time I am going to try different patterns on it. Maybe a sort of 3D thing mixed with the flat panels? Anyway, sis was very happy with the dress that she wore it for Chinese New Year when she was here. Hopefully when she gets back home, it will be an unique piece that will be the envy of everyone that sees it!


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