Winter Layers

And I thought winter was all over. How wrong was I! Nonetheless, it’s a blessing in disguise as it gives me the chance to prolong wearing my winter layers.

I decided to wear everything on top of a re-made piano shirt, mostly because existing one  had turned grey (the black silk bled into the white). To make it worst, stupid me somehow thought that bleaching would make it white again but I ended up with a really nasty yellow mark in a very visible are in the front. Anyway, I remade it using Liberty’s plain black and white tana lawn and the results were much better.

And on a cold day out in London, I played with layering different types of jackets. So here’s a picture of me wearing my piano shirt with the tropical print jacket under my quilted jacket and with a Kimono on top. To finish the look, I wore woolen plus four I bought ages ago with my brogues.


I really enjoy playing with this look as it just looks different from everyone else. Sure I get glances but I have had people coming up to me with positive comments, if not on the whole look but on a particular item I am wearing.

I was speaking to my friend about it today about being ‘Anti-style’. I told him I am sort of ‘Anti-style’ as I wear whatever I like regardless of the trends that is out there. Although he did correct me by saying that I am a stylish ‘Anti-style’ person. Well, I find experimenting with clothes fun and so should everyone. After all, if you are confident in what you are wearing, you usually get away with your experimentations.


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