Tropical Fever!

One a recent trip to the Royal Botanical Garden, Kew, I went into the tropical glass house and the green and lush vegetation with the hot and humid air reminded me of home. I’ve been searching for air tickets to go home but with the absolutely ridiculous prices offered, my next best option would be to wear the tropical print jacket I made recently and dream of home.

I first noticed this tropical print fabric on Liberty’s website and it absolutely captured my attention. However, it wasn’t a few weeks later that I went to the store and saw it again. Temptation got the better of me and I left Liberty with a purple paper bag. For £21 per metre, this was an expensive buy. However, I struck lucky when one of my colleague told me that there was a stall in Portobello Market which was selling vintage, french fabrics for cheap. Curiosity got the better of me and on a cold and snowy January, I went to the stall and got the most amazing blueish/green fabric for £2 per metre.

Then on a very quiet weekend, I made a simple jacket pattern and sewed a reversible jacket using the Liberty Tropical print and the vintage fabric I got from Portobello Market.

Reversible Jacket

This jacket was pretty easy to make. I had made a similar one recently for a Christmas present but the only difference was that I had to sew the same pattern twice. One for the outside and another for the inside.

Reversible jacket2

I have been wearing this jacket a lot as it is works well worn inside with other layers on top. I’m sure when spring comes, it will work great as an outwear. The reversible side (Blueish/green) works would well with black trouser, white shirt and a bow tie to give it a sophisticated day to night look.

I am very happy with the outcome but now have a list of things I want to make for summer. I just need to find some time to do it though.


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