My Erdem Dress

You would have probably noticed the lack of posts on my blog in the past few months. This was because I was doing a course in Central St Martins called Innovative Pattern Cutting. Recommended to me by my pattern cutting tutor, I interviewed for this course and got in.

The 10 weeks course teaches everything from flat pattern cutting to more innovative techniques such as modelling, cutting through shape to draping. For our final assessment, we were required to choose a piece of garment to reproduce. I came up with various options from the difficult to the plain boring. Luckily with the guidance of my lovely tutor, Toni, we decided that I should try the Erdem dress.

This dress captured my attention mostly due to the interesting sleeve. I finally finished my dress this week and the results are shown in the photographs below.

Front view of the dress. Whole dress made using the modelling technique and no flat pattern cutting was used. Thanks to my tutors Patrick and Hannah for guiding me through the process.

Side view of the dress. The length of the dress is above the knee.

Back view of the dress. Material consists of a heavy woven calico with netting in the skirt to retain the shape.

Detail of the sleeve. Shape created by modelling on a push up bra attached on the shoulder.

Hopefully I would be creating more interesting pieces of my own design in the future.


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  1. Hi, i was planning to apply to csm for their pattern drafting course this summer and wanted to know how good it is? Im just a beginner at drafting and construction and will this help me!? your work looks fabulous :). good luck

  2. Hi atonngashikmi,This course that I took is amazing. I really learnt a lot from the experienced tutors. However, you do need to be interviewed prior to taking this 10 weeks pattern cutting course as the course director wants to ensure that you are able to keep up with the pace (it was very intensive). If this sounds daunting, you might want to consider taking a short pattern making course at CSM instead to gain more experience prior to taking this course?Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  3. Hey thank you soo much :). Ive already done a bit in pattern drafting but just the basics of women's wear but il def. work on it more. Do they guide you in sewing as well?

  4. Hi again. They won't be able to guide you in your sewing as everyone would be doing different things at any one time at that would be quite difficult. However, you sometimes get tips or assistance from the machinists.

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