Remnants Galore!

I love remnants! No doubt about that. Ask all my friends and they would say the same thing. I usually take a walk along Berwick Street in London during my lunch break (from my pattern making class in Central St Martins) to search for remnants in Cloth House. I’m sure the staff recognises me now and probably even have a nickname for me like the ‘remnant guy’ or something like that. But hey, the quality is good and the price is cheap too.

Recently I found this nice brown slate colour cotton fabric and my first thought was…trousers…Yes. Been making a lot of trousers and shorts recently. Probably because I made a trouser pattern recently and it fits so well I am considering making all my trousers and shorts and phasing out all the ill fitting ones that I have bought.

Anyway,  I made trousers with an elasticated cuff and waistband. Something like a jogging pants but less sporty. I’m sure I can even pull off this trousers with a white shirt and espadrilles or some suede shoes.

Shot of me wearing my new trousers with a silk print shirt that I made a while ago (also a remnant) and my Liberty print espadrilles.

Summer is nearly over but Autumn will be here soon too. My mind is working overdrive in what I can make for Autumn and Winter this year….Maybe I’ll find some wool remnants enough for a coat or jacket this week…Fingers crossed!!!


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