Liberty Print Shorts

So it’s been a while since I posted anything. Been busy lately with my Innovative Pattern Making course that I am currently taking at Central St Martins (last ever to be held at the famous Charing Cross Road branch before the big move to Kings Cross). Learning everything from block pattern cutting to the more innovative techniques. Suffice to say I am learning a lot and enjoying this 10 weeks course. Of the many surprising subjects I have learnt, bespoke trousers pattern making was my favourite. I have been searching high and low for the most perfect fitting trousers and can’t really find one that is short enough or small enough etc, so to be able to draft my own pattern and to make a pair of trousers that fit you like a glove is amazing.

So I adapted the trouser pattern and made a short pattern instead and used my recently bought Liberty fabric and made a printed short. The Liberty fabric was kind of thin so I had to back it up with another brown cotton fabric. Turned out useful when I flipped the hem over to expose the brown fabric as a detail. I also did a very small waist band (about 1.5 cm). The narrow waist band looks nicer. Slimming in fact.

I have also tested this trouser making technique on a friend and it works!! Now everybody can have good fitting trouser/short……


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