The Blue Shirt

So I had this blue Indian cotton in my fabric box that I bought earlier this year. I had a wonderful design for it. This and that, twist and twirls, drape and tuck but at the end I decided I just want a simple plain shirt that I could wear over and over again. But this time I concentrated on the fit and the finishing. So all the seams were French seamed and where top stitching was required, I would just stitch it by hand to conceal the thread. All I need now is an excuse to wear it out.

The Indian cotton blue shirt against a sunny window. (As I am typing this, the sun has disappeared!)

Cuff details without any top stitching.

I opted for a Mandarin collar. I didn’t use any fusing as I wanted everything to be soft and relaxed.

French seams were used in the construction of this shirt. Makes it neat and tidy, especially when I roll up the sleeve.


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