Never Say No to Glitter!

When all you see and hear in the news is bad news, we all need a bit of sparkly glitter in our life to lighten the mood. I have always been one for a bit of cheer in my wardrobe even if some people think it looks stupid. But then again, why should I worry about what others think, especially the naysayers? It’s my body and I can choose what I want to wear on it. Besides, I have long realised that there are three types of observers when it comes to my clothes. The first being those who appreciate them and compliment them. The second being those who criticise you because for some strange reason, they think they know better. The third just ignores you. The majority of observers fall in the last category with only a very small minority being negative, so why worry? And to be honest, every time I put something sparkly and glittery, it always puts a smile on people’s faces.

So as you know, I have this amazing sequin sweater that I made a while ago (here). However, it’s not the best garment to wear on a hot sunny day even if I sparkle like a disco ball. I have been in search of an alternative fabric ever since but after the pain of sewing sequins, I wanted to avoid that material.

As usual my luck always comes during the end of term where the lockers are being cleared out. I saw this glittery mesh fabric laying on the table and thought how lovely it was. The next time I was college, my colleague was carting it away to the supplies room. She said that a student had bought it but never used it so it is going to the supplies room for other students to use. She asked if I wanted some and I swiftly grabbed a few metres to keep. The whole roll then went onto the shelf and I hope in the future, I see something amazing being created from it.

This fabric is a leopard print mesh with what must be lurex. It is purple but changes to silver depending on the direction of the light and it sparkles! It almost looks liquid in the way it shines.

Initially I was just going archive it in my supplies box, but one very quiet Saturday, I decided that I should make a sweater with it. I thought as it is sheer, it will go great with a shirt underneath and be quite breathable.

Sewing was made really easy with my trusty overlocker and in a couple of hours, it was all done.

Get your sunglasses out as I’m going to sparkle and dazzle all the way to work!

I really wish now that I had taken a bit more of that fabric but too much of a good thing can be bad for you, so I will just savour what I have.


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  1. I LOVE IT! I’m with you kiddo, too many peeps stick to black/grey/sludgey clothes, and we need to SHINE, dazzle, and generally out-gorgeous everyone. It really does make people smile, you’re right. I love my bright colours and mad patterned fabrics, use it before you lose it baby!

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