Loop Cropped Trouser

 People often wonder what I do when I’m not pattern cutting or sewing something. Well, I’m usually deep in my notebook sketching pattern cutting ideas to try. Ideas are abundant in everything I see and I find it extremely important that I make a note of it before I forget. After all, it is very easy to forget a fleeting thought in the midst of mundane things like what to eat for dinner or the list of things I have to do tomorrow.

This time round, I had my special notebook handy and quickly proceeded to sketch on the train to work. The idea popped into my head when I thought of looping a trouser pattern by mirroring it on the hemline.


This pattern although quite simple, required a lot of fabric as the front and back pieces had to be cut 4 times and when folded up, creates 8 layers. Only the inside layer of the outside leg seam was sewn with the looped bit left opened.

It was a great time to test this pattern as I have an event next week and wanted something new to wear. Initially I wanted to use a crepe fabric with the outside fabric being black and inside fabric being white but I had such a hard time finding the right fabric that I went for whatever I had at the moment, which was a lightweight grey wool fabric.

After a long day of endless sewing and wracking my brain, I managed to complete the trouser.


I love how the trouser behaved when I was ‘test walking’ the piece. The flow of the piece was very good and the shape changes to the movement I made. My only gripe was the wool fabric creasing easily, hence the wrinkles in the pictures above.

I now need a top to go with this trousers but I’m not sure what I want to make. Maybe it’s time to look in my notebook again or set my mind off to wander!


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