Mix Mesh!

I like nothing better than a beautiful piece of remnant! It all started when my friend, Maureen, was cutting out her dress on this amazing polka dot fabric and I just kept looking and commenting how gorgeous it was. Moments later, she came over to me and passed me the remnants from her cutting.

‘I’m sure you will be able to make something out of this.’

I was so ecstatic as the fabric looks like something out of Comme Des Garson’s collection! And the truth is, I do work better with remnants as the limitation forces you to think outside of the box. Too much fabric spoils you and your thinking gets too one dimensional!

My first thought was to make a pair of shorts but with a wide leg. I also thought that the shorts would go well with a raglan T-shirt I made previously.

Greed got the better of me so instead of wearing an existing T-shirt, I decided to experiment by using a mesh fabric I had bought recently and mixed it with the polka dot fabric I got.


It’s all go and I immediately took out my shorts pattern and flared the leg out by at least 14 cm! It’s a lot but I wanted it to be wide. This pattern was quickly drafted, cut and transferred to the polka dot fabric. A day later, the shorts was all done.


I progressed on to the raglan T-shirt only to realise that I could not find the fabric. I searched high and low but eventually had to get another piece as the floor might have eaten it!

Disappointment aside, I decided to spend a lazy Sunday evening to sew this T-shirt and before long, the completed piece was right in front of me! Oh the joy of making your own garments!


The mesh fabric was extremely comfortable to wear but on the day I decided to go out in this T-shirt and shorts combination, the temperature dropped so I had to wear a vest underneath to shield me from the cold! Honestly speaking, it would have been a bit too revealing if I had not worn something underneath.


I now have a very nice fitting raglan T-shirt and wide leg shorts pattern but it seems like I might need to wait till next summer before I can use it again.

I guess this is a sign for me to make something for autumn/winter!


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  1. This look is fantastic, those shorts are amazing. I personally really like the fact you partly can see the vest through the mesh; it works really well. The trainers finish the outfit perfectly.

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