Jeans Therapy

I don’t really like buying jeans because of one main reason. They never fit me right. I’m not so tall and have quite chunky legs so I always end up with jeans that fits the waist but is too tight around the thighs and calves. And not forgetting one of my pet hates, jeans made to the ‘average’ person’s height; which in some countries is at least 6 feet, and thus resulting in me chopping off a huge section to get my length right. So I’m short but why should that prevent me from having a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly?

That’s when being able to make patterns and sew comes in handy. As usual, I used my trousers block and altered it to get a jeans pattern. I wanted the it to have a slim fit; comfortable around the thighs and calves but nicely fitted around the bum and waist.

With the patterns all cut up, I put my sewing machine through the torture (no sewing machine was harmed during the making of this jeans!) of sewing heavy denim. A few hours later, and several loud banging after (for the rivets), my own pair of jeans was made.

SY Jeans1

I have to say that it was handy to have a pair of jeans (shop bought, sadly badly fitted) lying around to examine the details that makes up a pair of jeans (like pockets).

A good tip in case if you are planning to sew your own pair of jeans, I used a stronger and slightly thicker thread called ‘Gutermann Tera 40’.  It has a slick feel to it and is smoother than the other heavy duty threads. I find that it goes through the sewing machine much easier and causes less problems with threads bunching up and needles snapping. This thread does fray a bit but you stop that buy melting it with a lighter.

SY jeans 2

While making this pair of jeans, I was on FaceTime with my mom and Aunt and the first thing they mentioned was, ‘Will it shrink in the wash?’. Oh Dear! I immediately threw it into the washing machine and put it on the radiator to dry. When I wore it the next day, I was relieved that it didn’t shrink. It must have been a better quality denim fabric that I bought as the colour didn’t even run when I washed it.

And here I am wearing my new pair of jeans the next day. And yes, I did make that shirt and gillet too.

SY Casual

These jeans fit me really well, made my bum look rounder (I will spare you those photos) and are really comfortable to wear. I can’t wait to wear them in! Till then, on to my next project.


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  1. Love your glasses and the way they look with the vest! Now that’s how you combine shapes.

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