So Andrea said, ‘I’ve bought too much lace and don’t know what to do with them’. And when I looked at the lace, I immediately said, glasses. It must have been one of my funny days where I just spew out nonsense but we actually thought it was a good idea and off I went to make on

I thought of the different materials I could use; plastic, computer board, balsa wood but all of that material required those tiny hinges to open and close and the nearest I got were door hinges from Wilko. I gave up the search and opted for cheap and cheerful polypropylene sheet.

I proceeded in tracing the frame of an old sunglasses and cutting the pieces required. In just under an hour, the superglue had dried and the ‘veilglasses’ were all done.


When I went back to school today, I passed Andrea the glasses and asked her to model it for me. It looked amazing and a lot of people kept saying that Lady Gaga would wear it. But then again, is there anything Lady Gaga won’t wear?!?!


For some reason, the veilglasses has an allure of mystery. It hides the window to the soul but a slight breeze lifts the lace and you catch a glimpse of the wearer’s eyes.


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