The Parrots are COMING!

Ever since I did my stint helping out the BA Fashion Print students at CSM last year, I have been hooked on prints. You can tell my obsession with prints through the amount of Liberty print garments I have. But I have always dreamt of one day creating my own prints.

Well, that dream became reality recently when I found this product called ‘Dylon Image Maker’. Basically, it transfers an image printed from a laser photocopier to any kind of washable fabric. Although the process is kinda messy and the waiting time is quite long (at least 4 hrs to dry but preferably overnight), the product does what it says on the box and you end up with the exact same print from paper to fabric. Just remember to reverse the image as the mirror image is transferred.

I remembered quite a while ago when I had nothing to do, I drew a lot of parrots using a water colour pen. It’s was one of those days where I just sat down and drew and drew. As it was nothing more that doodles, the sketchbook got relegated to the box and there it sat until I pulled it out a few weeks back and decided to create a collage on Photoshop of my sketches. The results was a collage entitled ‘IN PSITTACIS VENIUNT’, crudely meaning ‘Parrots are coming’.

Parrots SY

The sweater itself was pretty simple. I had some sweat-shirt material left over from donkey years ago and some white ribbing and with a simple sweater pattern I made previously, a basic sweater was born. I do have to admit that although the process itself seems simple, I spent a couple of days deliberating on the  colour of the sweater itself. At the end, I decided for a ‘Bahamas Blue’ colour dyed to an ombre effect.

With the sweater made and image printed out, I started on the messy bit which was to transfer the image.


And after a long wait (I left it for 24 hours), I started to remove the paper away from the sweater.


A quick sealant layer and an overnight wait later, the sweat was done! The process itself seems a tad tedious but the product does what it says on the box. Although I do have to say that the product did result in a stiff layer where the image was transfer. Hopefully it will wash out soft in the future.

Parrot Sweater

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed the bias-binding on the neckline. I could not get a ribbing material from the neck line and didn’t want to risk using the ribbing material for the arm and hem so I opted for a bias binding. And to get into my garment easily, I sewed a zip on the shoulder for access.


This has opened up another world of possibilities for me but I want to experiment with more image transfer product but ultimately, I want to learn how to print garment in print rooms and also develop digital print textiles. That’s something for me to put in my new year wish list!

And last but not least, the parrots have arrived, to wish you a Merry Christmas! Have a relaxing holiday!


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