The Elephant and the Dot

I recently realised that I have too many bright shirts and was in need of something darker. SHOCK! HORROR! Well, summer is over and the habit is for everyone to dress in something dark. But don’t get me wrong, I’m making something dark to wear with something bright. And to put some fun into these shirts, I decided to buy a Polka Dot and an Elephant print fabric. Something a bit thicker and because I am strapped for cash, something cheaper.

Apparently the elephant print fabric was suited for kids and the nursery but I loved it because it emulate fun. Besides, there a kid in every one of us and this time, that kid spoke. I’ve also seen some people wearing Polka dot shirts and I fancied one for myself for a very long time.

And since I managed to wrestle some free time for myself, I spent the past few days making these two shirts.

And there I was sewing the Polka dot shirt while wearing the Elephant print shirt. Talk about being impatient but I just can’t resist wearing new stuff. And I do have to say, having perfected my shirt pattern, sewing only take me a few hours.

However, I’ve created a new problem in sewing these shirts, what trousers to wear them with. Oh Dear! I hear the fabric shops beckoning. MUST RESIST TEMPTATION!


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  1. I love the elephant print, I think it’s so fun! I would totally wear that out!

  2. This elephant print is the cutest thing ever! I would love a shirt made from it!

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