Tiger Goes ‘Meow’!

It all started with a discussion with my friend about cat communication. He was adamant that cat goes ‘MIAOU’ while I said ‘MEOW’. Probably a French cat would go ‘Miaou’ while an English one go ‘Meow’? But regardless, my Tigers goes ‘Meow’. And with that, the idea for a jacket was born. I still had a bit of the Tiger wool fabric left but not enough to make sleeves. So I took to the idea of a Varsity jacket with Raglan sleeves. And since the weather is turning cold really quickly, I decided to quilt the tiger fabric and insert quilted lining as well.

I quilted around the outline of the tigers hoping to create a 3D effect but the result was not that obvious.

With the fabric all ready, I took out my Raglan block and created the pattern for this jacket. It was a very simple and straight forward pattern. The shape was also very basic and loose as the layers of wadding would bulk up the whole jacket. I decided to use a navy blue wool fabric I had left over from my coat last year and used it for the sleeves.

After that, it was all ‘sew, sew’. I think I spent a solid two days in making this jacket. I had two days free and I was determined to finish it as I want to work on something else during the weekend. The result is a very warm creation ready for the harsh winter.

To prevent it from looking like a normal varsity jacket, I added a few details such as a double collar, a flap pocket and the Pièce de résistance, the ‘MEOW’ on the sleeve. A bit of light humour to an otherwise aggressive jacket.

And with that, this Tiger fabric is all used up. But the result is something nice and warm. I can’t wait for the weather to get cold now! Until then, a batch of fabric that I ordered has just arrived and I am itching to make something. But I think it will be till the weekend before I can cut these lovelies!



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