Same Trick, Different Style

So I’m trying the same pleated raglan sleeve technique again but simplifying the style. This time, I’m making my sister a shift dress as her wardrobe is due for an update from me.

I bought this fabric during the Christmas sales and it has been staring at me for ages. And since I had a bit of spare time this evening, I though I’d get it over and done with before I get busy again. I used to be terrified of printed fabrics. It’s one of those ‘love to buy it, too afraid to wear it’ scenario. But now, I’m prints all the way. If I could do a fashion degree, it would be Fashion Print!

I’m a pro at pleated sleeves now. Quite happy that the technique I experimented with works. So happy that I’ve even wrote and drew the steps in my pattern making journal. Hopefully as I go along developing new techniques, I can fill up this journal and perhaps publish a book. Ha Ha. Wishful thinking.

So, what’s next on my list? Well, depends which fabric is staring at me now?


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