Go Green For Spring!

I was recently doing a clear up of my fabrics to see if there was any I could donate when I stumbled on my stash of Liberty fabrics. Some of these were remnants from my previous projects that I had completely forgotten about them. While laying them out, I noticed a few pieces went really well together so I quickly measured them and realised that I had enough to make a double sized quilt.

I thought that with a change in the season, it would be nice to have layers of quilts in bed that I can put on or remove depending on the temperature. It would also make a nicer addition to a duvet that is always too thin or too thick. Initially I wanted to invest some time to make a patchwork quilt but I thought that patience is best reserved for a saint so I opted for the easiest quilt to make which involves ripping the fabric into strips.

I started to sew each strips together while waiting for my bamboo wadding and backing fabric to arrive and it wasn’t long when I was able to put everything together. Having a walking foot makes sewing so much easier as the layers of fabric were sewn together easily without displacing.

It took me a few days to complete this project and now it either lay on my bed as an extra layer for cold nights or next to the sofa for a cosy night in.

I still would love to attempt a patchwork quilt, especially those where the pieces merges together and create a wave of colour. The only problem is my fabric choices as my colour options are not solid enough and verge to the realm of psychedelic. I’ve thought about a simple colour patchwork with embroidery as well but needlework always fills me with trepidation as a lot of planning is involved (not to mention a sore neck).

That said, it’s a very elaborate process for what will essentially be a throw. Oh, but what a pretty throw it will be!


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  1. shoes15

    Go for it! I’m working on a patch work quilt right now and it’s very satisfying.

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