Same Pattern. Different Materials.

Deja Vu?

This French work jacket has been reworked so many times so rest assured you are not seeing double. To be perfectly honest, I’ve sewn it so many times that it has become a chore although this time, however, it was commissioned so I quickly obliged.

This has been such a classic piece that the pattern works for almost any fabric or print out there. This time, I used an Ikat (type?) fabric that I bought from Thailand ages ago. I really love this fabric as it was not only hand woven but had imperfections that made it unique. As you know, I have boxes of fabrics that I have collected along the way and it’s for situation like this that I’m glad I’m a fabric hoarder.

Sewing this was a blur because, like I said before, I’ve sewn it so many times that I went into automatic mode.

I guess you could call this a perfect companion for warm summer days. I do have to admit that I was a bit lazy when sewing this jacket. I usually bind the seams but opted to use an overlocker instead.

It did make me think though, if you have a great pattern, you don’t really need to worry about the fabric. I’ve made it in a sheer parachuting material (here), Kimono fabric (here) and Liberty prints (here) so I doubt that there is a material I can’t use.

Maybe if I find some time, I could knit it instead. Nah! I get my knits and purls confused quite easily.


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  1. It was cool seeing your different versions of the chore jacket. The Liberty one is my favourite. I wondered whether the blue on the inside is the reverse side of the fabric or a separate lining. Love the way you did the binding

    • Thank you for you kind words. The binding on the inside does make the jacket reversible. Only need buttons sewn on the other side too. Quite interesting how a finishing can completely change the look of the jacket.

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