Voluminous Trousers

I like to add a bit of ‘Va Va Voom’ in my clothes. Sometimes I feel that a simple T-shirt paired with something special can look interesting and elegant. A while back I made a pleated trousers which gave a lot of volume in the front and if you’re like me, I like the dramatic movement the volume created when I walked.

This trousers lasted me quite a while but I had a gripe because of where the waistband was positioned; below the waist. I guess back in those days I wasn’t as into high waisted trousers as I am now, but huge pleats in the front made the trousers quite heavy and in a strange way, pulled on the crotch.  It wasn’t a nice look so I used to wear it with a shirt untucked to cover it.

It was also an experiment for me to observe how the trousers behaved and how I can improve on it. Many years later, I had just the solution; high waisted trousers that held the pleats securely on the waist without causing it to bunch at the crotch. The prefect thing was that I had just the right pattern to adapt  and also some 60% Kid Mohair suiting fabric.

Before long, the trousers were done!

For some strange reason, it reminds me of the Japanese ‘Hakama’. That is another pair of trousers I would love to make but that’s another post. You can also see the pleats creating the extra layer at the side.

Once opened, you can see how much volume is added to the front of the trousers.

You should also be able to see the pocket that is hidden behind this pleat. In case you are wondering about the movement of the trousers, have a look at this (yes, my neighbours were curiously looking out of the window, wondering what I was doing).

Yes! This is going to be one of my looks for Autumn. A bit of farmer John goes to Fashion Week. I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I just love the flow when you walk and how it drapes when you sit. The DRAMA!

And best of all, the trousers also works well with a T-shirt!


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