Quick Kurta

Summer is finally here. There are strawberries in every grocer and Pimms seems to be flying off the shelves. It seems only sensible to wear something that fits summer, but what can you wear that looks good and cools at the same time? That’s when I thought about a Linen Kurta, but I wanted it to be loosely fitted and easy to wear.

To be honest with you, I crumble when the temperate goes up, so thinking about cutting and sewing this pattern automatically makes me lazy (hence why I have not been updating my blog recently). This is when you fight with yourself; an angel encouraging you on one side and the devil on the other asking you to just ‘chill’. So I did the next best thing, drew up a quick and simple pattern with lots of straight lines so cutting and sewing will be simple.

Hopefully I’ve explained everything in the figure above as I won’t be repeating it here. Yes, you’ve guessed right. It’s very hot today! By all means, please attempt this pattern as it’s quite straight forward and the only complicated bit is the neck line. I chose to put in a mandarin collar but you can increase the neck line and sew in a ribbed neckline or seal it with bias binding.

While you are drafting the pattern, you can omit the seam between the sleeve and body but if you decide not to do that, sew this part first before the side seam and sleeve seam. Also, remember to leave slits on the bottom of the side seam so you can walk, but if you make this garment very wide, you may not need it.

It took me just about an hour to cut and sew this up as the majority of the seams are just straight lines.

I have worn this Kurta once and it looked and felt fantastic.

My only gripe; I hate ironing linen!


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