Technicolour Kurta

I am sure that it’s the same with everyone but the end of the year and the couple of months after always seems to be the busiest time for me. If I’m not busy working, I am usually off somewhere for Christmas or making something. This time, I was off to visit my mom and my sis and on a trip to a market in Bangkok, my eyes were drawn to a colourful garment that seemed to glisten in the sun. I did a double take and immediately walked into this tiny shop.

It was packed full of merchandise from India, namely vintage garments, quilts and bags. The shop was a sight for sore eyes and that glistening garment that was calling me happened to be a very old kurta with sewn on mirror pieces and a dizzying amount of hand embroidery. Although it wasn’t in the best of condition (nothing a bit of delicate repair and lining wouldn’t fix), I decided to try it anyway. First effort wasn’t good as I wore it backwards and I could see the shop owner giggling in the background. Anyway, right way round and I instantly fell in love with it. After a quick haggle (my mom is the Queen of Haggling, although terrifying sometimes), I am the proud owner of this amazing kurta.


The shop owner told me that he has been visiting this small village in India for years and this is where he obtains all his merchandise. This kurta happened to be something that a villager had and he had managed to buy it off them after intense negotiation.

I have already worn it a few times and as it is winter now, I usually wear a shirt and trouser under the kurta and either drape a military coat or a Kimono over the kurta. When not worn, this kurta is wrapped up in tissue paper and carefully stored in a drawer. It’s like a museum piece to me so I think my storage method is totally justified.


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