Caspian Tigers

It’s been a while since I went to Liberty and, as this was their last week of the sale, I popped over to have a browse through their fabrics. Some I had a relatively free weekend, I spent a while going through the fabric on sale but did not find anything that I was particularly attached to. As I was leaving the fabric department, a tiger caught my eye!

Liberty’s new season fabric is out and there was this print called ‘Head and Tails’. As Liberty puts it ‘A chaotic streak of exotic Caspian Tigers twist and tumble during their migration through the heart of China‘.

Who could resist such a beautiful print?


I walked out of the store a bit poorer but much happier. Before I knew it, I had spent my Sunday making a shirt out of this fabric.


And did I mention that I also pattern-matched the centre front?


I’m quite excited to wear this shirt as I really like this print. if they made this print much bigger, I might even contemplate using it to make a back pack.


So I had a bit of this expensive fabric left and decided to make shorts to go with the shirt. Talk about matchy-matchy!


I even matched the print on the pocket!


I think I need a break from matching prints. It’s giving me a headache!


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