Clear Your Lockers!

Everyone at college was warned before hand that if the lockers are not cleared by the end of the month, the college will empty the lockers and throw out their possessions. When the time came, there were a lot of students who ignored this warning and as a consequence, some of their items were discarded (except usable items which the college can pass on to next year’s students).

This is when I stepped into the picture, with all the pieces of remnants too small to pass on, I was allowed to go through them to pick anything I want! One of the perks of working in college I suppose!

There were bags and bags of fabrics but I ended up picking an amazing piece of dark blue silk duchess satin. Being summer, the weather can sometimes get a bit muggy so I thought it would be great if I made myself a silk T-shirt.

With the idea in my mind and the fabric in my head, I went home, took out my notes and drafted a Raglan sleeve pattern. While drafting the pattern, I decided that I wanted both sides of the sleeves to be merged together to create a single sleeve pattern with a curved seam on the shoulder. The pattern is below but have a guess at how everything fits in.


With the pattern drafted, I decided to stay late at college one night to create this idea. Everything was going well until I laid out the pattern on the fabric! I did not have enough for the sleeves! So off I went to go through the remnants and found this pretty Shibori-like fabric.


I was with both my tutors at that time and they both agreed that the fabric fits well with my silk so with the decision made, the fabric was cut and sewed.


As usual, I inserted a concealed zip on the shoulder seam to get my head through as I preferred a smaller neckline. I really like the way the sleeve sat on my shoulder.


This is a very loose-fitting T-shirt and while trying it on with a shirt underneath, I realised I like the look of it as a short sleeve sweater too. No doubt this T-shirt will work in nicely with my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!


The shirt aside, I am looking forward to finding more interesting remnants. I find that with fewer choices and limited yardage, I have to make do with what I have and adapt the pattern so it will work. The results are usually unexpected and always cost less. More money for cakes!


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  1. machinegunmama

  2. The cut and details of this, paired with the mix of fabrics is wonderful. Great job!

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