Fortune Cat! Go! Go! Go!

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet and how cheap most of the stuff are. This is especially true when I bought some ‘Made in UK’ 100% cotton sweatshirt fabric. I didn’t even know that this type of fabric was still made in UK but I was more than happy to support British businesses and buy some.

The first thing that went through my mind when I bought the fabric was to make a sweatshirt for those crazy spring weather where it is either too cold or too hot but just not right to be wearing something thick. But I also wanted to print something on an otherwise dull grey sweatshirt. Then I saw an advert that this week’s Euro million jackpot is an enormous £107 million! That’s when it hit me that I should draw a Japanese fortune cat and have it printed on my sweatshirt while I buy a ticket. Talk about being superstitious but when it’s a £107 million jackpot, what’s there to lose?

So I came back from dinner last night and went into drawing mode. I don’t like those fat fortune cats and wanted to draw a more realistic one and after an hour or so, my version of a fortune cat was born.


I had already made my sweatshirt in advance on that day (with the usual zip on the shoulder and bias bound neckline) and all that was needed was to print my illustration on iron on transfer paper and iron it onto the sweatshirt.

photo 1

I really like the result of this experiment and two thing’s for sure, I’m going to buy more of this lovely fabric and also to continue making more prints. And taking the wise word from my mom, I should start selling them too.


Till then, fortune cat bring me my fortune!


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  1. Great post! Not going to lie, I love sweatshirts with interesting, fun prints like these! XxMB

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