The Canary Yellow Bag

I just had a chat with my sister recently and she has been feeling a bit down so I thought I’d make her a lovely canary yellow bag to cheer her up. I’ve been meaning to make her something for a while now and at the same time, wanted to try making a leather bag in a softer leather to see how it would behave.

I decided to use the same pattern as the previous bag that I made for my mom (here) as it was much easier to sew. I tried to sew it at home on my domestic sewing machine but had to abandon it as I could not get the correct thread tension on my sewing machine. My sewing machine has been through a lot so maybe it’s a sign for me to get a new one.

With the bag all cut up, I went back to college and on the industrial sewing machine, started to sew the bag. They say practise makes perfect and I was able to construct the whole bag in an afternoon.


I really like working with softer leather as it was much easier to sew. The floppy effect of the bag also gave it a more relaxed look.


This time, I tried to sew the pouch inside out but after struggling with it for half and hour, I gave up and went back to my tried and tested method.


I am really enjoying my experience working with leather. The material is so flexible but at the same time, unforgiving, if you make any mistakes. I only have a stiffer leather left to work with so will either have to use a leather sewing machine or consider hand stitching. Maybe hand stitching will produce a more cleaner stitching as I am not fighting with the sewing machines to get around the corners.

But until then, it’s back to clothes for me.


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  1. Felicia

    Hi Stephen, lovely bag and beautiful colour! What method did you use to attach the inner pouch? Felicia

  2. Your work really is amazing. The colour is wonderful and the form of the bag is great. I had a Céline tote in a similar yellow and black, and whilst the leather was beautifully soft, the handles ripped off completely. I guess I shouldn’t have put so much in it. You live and learn…

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