The Batik Dress

Sometimes when you go out with the intention of buying fabrics, all you see is really horrible stuff. While sometimes you’re just browsing, you end up with a whole bag of stuff. Although I didn’t end up with a whole bag but I managed to find this beautiful red/gold batik print fabric under a pile of really horrible stuff. I asked my mom if she would wear a high contrast print like this and she said yes. Although she did tell me that I have made too many clothes for her to wear and she didn’t want to tire me out making clothes. But I’m a funny person. I cannot sit down and do nothing. I get really restless and must be doing something…anything. So I told her that making this will kill some time and keep boredom away.

So we bought this piece of fabric and went back home where I immediately started to create a pattern for a raglan sleeve dress. I kept everything simple but toyed around with the sleeve. I wanted to create a capped sleeve but with one piece of fabric. I did this by folding sections of the sleeve to achieve this effect while keeping the front and back pattern of the sleeve as a continuous piece.


I tried to match the prints the best I could but I could have done better along the centre back line where the zip was. The print at the back should have matched perfectly instead of this ‘neither here nor there’ result. I was gutted as I had more than enough fabric to achieve this but mistakes learnt for next time.


Mom didn’t mind though as she said only pedantic people like me can see it. The dress now hangs on the rail, waiting for an occasion when mom can wear it. Perhaps this Sunday together with dad when his purple shirt makes a debut?


I really like the fabric and hope I can find some more of the same fabric but in a different colour. Perhaps to make a suit and shorts for myself when I get back to UK?


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