Blue Poppies Dress

I’m on a roll this week churning out garments like there is no tomorrow. Well, actually the truth is I am running out of time. I leave for Malaysia this week to visit my family and my presents to them are clothes! Fabulous clothes that I have made for them.

My sister requested for something nice and simple that she can wear to work in hot and humid weather, so this time I made her a very simple dress with mini capped sleeves and a lightning neck line.

I dug deep into my suitcase of fabrics and decided to use this lovely blue poppies fabric by Liberty. I bought this during the sale last year and love the royal blue emulating from flowers. Sad though that the fabric had bits of white streaks almost as if the printer was running out of ink. I’m not sure if this is a feature or the fabric was actually faulty. So a word of advice, check all the fabrics before paying for them even if it is from Liberty.

Apologises for not ironing the sleeve properly. I took the picture and realised it was creased and was too lazy to retake it. (My tutor would be horrified if he read this!) The sleeve is actually just an extension from the shoulder line.

I had no vision when doing the neckline. I just started a 4.5 cm line, staggered with a 2 cm line and they seem to fit to the centre front and hence the lightning neckline was created. Sewing it was a totally different matter though. I spent ages making sure that the main fabric matched perfectly with the facing so I was extra careful not to stretch the neckline. Then it was lots of  stitch, turn, stitch and lots of snipping on the seam allowance. Oh! I did iron some fusing around the neck line to keep the neckline crisp an to prevent the zig-zags from flopping.

But I think the dress looks a bit loose. Oh well, if it doesn’t fit my sister, my mom is just one size up from my sis.

Time to rest my mind and body before making something else tomorrow. And the day after…and perhaps just another one more….perhaps…


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