My First Backpack!

A few weeks back, I went to MacCulloch & Wallis in London and saw these rivets and buckles and thought that it would be awesome if I could use it to make a backpack. I was in dire need of a nice backpack that is not that big but easy to carry. I went back home empty handed that day but my brain went into overdrive and I was drawing and constructing the bag in my head. There were many different versions but eventually, I decided on a simple design but with a printed fabric as the feature.

Last Friday, I put my ideas into action and bought all sorts of material for the backpack. I have never made a backpack before so I experimented with materials that were available at the shop. I ended up with this super stiff Hessian fabric as the base, metres of leather straps, buckles and rivets. I decided to use the bird print fabric I bought a few weeks ago. This was because in my head, the bag looked like it came from the Victorian age and with the sketches of the birds, there was a bit of Darwinian feel to it.

After a day of banging in rivets and fighting with the sewing machine (due to the thickness of the fabric), I finally finished the bag and I am actually quite pleased with myself (apart from the prints not perfectly meeting in the front).

The back of the bag show a horizontal strap to act as a handle if I didn’t want to carry it on my back. The idea was based on a belt tied around books to keep them together when it is being carried.

With the straps undone, everything falls apart but several cleverly placed leather pieces and rivets holds the straps together.

The theory works but all that is required now is a test run so I am using this bag in London tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it will not fall apart!

I should get one of those proper devices to put in the rivets. And next time, I am experimenting with leather and chiffon. But till then, time to rest my extremely sore hands and fingers (I banged the hammer on my thumb a few times!).


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