Last One Before The New Year!

So it’s 2012 tomorrow and I thought I’d post something after a long absence. Yes, Yes! I can hear my friends mumbling ‘Finally’. So to wrap up this year, I made my mom a blouse for Chinese New Year. I’ve made her loads of dresses in the past but this time I thought of something elegant but easy to wear.

The pattern for this dress consist of a basic bodice with a shaped waist (but I removed the dart for a bit more ease), a puff sleeve (extended by a couple of inches to create the ‘bellowing’ effect) and a scarf for a collar that can be tied. I wanted to make something that is mature for my mom but also something I know my sister will steal to wear too. I’m sure mom had something like this in the past.

My initial fabric choice was a vintage cream cotton but the fabric shop I usually go to was closed so I ended up buying a wine red silk Habutai instead. It’s light and comfortable enough to wear in hot weather (mom’s in Malaysia) despite the long sleeve. I love how the lightness of the fabric wisps when the wind blows.

I also added lace as details on the collar and the cuff.

I tried playing with the collar and it also looks nice with just one knot and the rest dangling.

I really love the sleeve detail but had to hand stitch the lace to prevent it from moving away from the cuff.
I love the result and can’t wait till mom wears it. The quality is good for a days work but I’m annoyed at the button holes. If I had more time, I would have done it by hand.
Anyway, to anyone who has been following my blog, have a great 2012. Leave the bad behind and bring the best of this year to 2012.

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